Saturday, January 1, 2011

Your Blogs

Vintage Pyrex: a sunny solution to the winter blahs. Now if only I could find some.

Hello there and Happy New Year!

I've been trying to go through author profiles to collect blog addresses from Pyrex Collective members for the "Author's Blogs" link on the right. I recently added several blogs to the list. Some members have several different blogs, while others don't have a personal blog, so there's a good chance I haven't tracked all blogs down. Please let me know if I've missed your blog or if I've linked the wrong one. I once accidentally published a post about my fondness for dark beer on my classroom blog, so I'm all about trying to get it right.

Cheers to another year of exciting Pyrex finds!


  1. i saw my name on there even though i haven't got myself organized long enough to take pics and start posting. i love coming here to see what everyone has found and to learn more about pyrex in general! thanks!!

  2. I accepted my invitation today! I had emailed you on the day I found what I guess is a Pyrex cheese keeper(?), but really fell behind in blogging.

    I see my profile, but not the blog.

    Happy New Year Erin.

  3. Sorry, Sir Thrift-A-Lot. Pyrex Wench will make it right.
    Rock on!