Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Frontiers In Food Storage

Thanks for all the wonderful comments on my last post about scoring Pyrex fridgies from the OA at my school. It's good to have such understanding buddies. I'm still tingling all over.
This morning, I opened a can of apricots. I put the half-empty can back in the fridge with the lid pushed back on its hinge, when I thought to myself, "Hmm, they won't stay fresh like this. Oooh, I can put them in one of those mini fridgies Mary Lou gave me. Woo-hoo!"
So the apricots went from their dingy No Name can...
To stylish Spring Blossoms...
To this - no worries about storing food in toxic plastic anymore!
And here it is, tucked in our fridge. It's hard to escape plastic - as you'll see just by the packaging of things in the fridge. I'm going to try to Pyrex things as much as possible in the future. See, those Pyrex people were so ahead of their time.


  1. I am now vowing to store me things in Pyrex in my fridge! They are better for us and they look so cool! Yep, more Pyrex!

  2. Erin - I'm doing the same thing with my new Fridgies I got for Christmas - love them!!!

  3. I'm getting fridgies envy!!!

  4. I recently got rid of all my worn out and stained plastic containers in favour of glass and, of course, Pyrex.

  5. I need to start doing that, and do away with my plastic stuff!