Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Cinderella Story

And now, the continuing saga of my Pyrex education.
My sister was kind enough to buy me Barbara E. Mauzy's wonderful Pyrex book for my birthday. I didn't want to ask her how much it cost, but she did say Amazon shipped it in about four days. This book is a must-have for Pyrex lovers out there. Of course, Pyrex Love is essential too if you want to get the real skinny - or just stare lovingly at gorgeous dishes.

One thing I learned is that the bowls with the side spouts are known as Cinderella bowls - regardless of the pattern or colour. I'll quote Mauzy here:
"Cinderella bowls were introduced in 1958 and are easily recognizable by the two pour spout handles of different sizes. They were also produced with many colorful designs. These attributes made them a bright, whimsical, alternative to batter bowls, while being usable for baking, serving, and storing as well." Well put!

After work, I ducked into Value Village (my love-hate thrift store of choice) to buy a big bag of yarn for a crochet club I'm running in my class. Of course I had to slip by the glassware.

Hot patootie - look what I found!
Two cheerful Cinderella bowls in the exact same shade of yellow as our repro fifties kitchen chairs. Dig.
I've been ranting a bit (alright - a lot) lately on Yard Sale Snoop about the screwball pricing at Value Village. I've always got my back up a bit when I go in. So I flip the big bowl over and see this price sticker.
Next, I flip over the little bowl and it has the same price. I was anticipating what the sales clerk would say: "The small bowls are more in demand than the large bowls. " or "The manager just told me to price all Pyrex at $7.99." Well, I asked her and heavens to Betsy, she said, "The two pieces are $7.99 together." I could have hugged her. Instead, I hit the checkout and yelled "Start the car!" at hubby. Now in hindsight, I see the 2X scribbled on it. But who the heck can figure out all their mysterious colour coding and pricing hieroglyphs?

I've been lucky in Pyrex love so far this year. And yes Oprah, I'm grateful for all these glistening Pyrex moments on this Pyrex journey of a lifetime, etc..


  1. i got my pyrex book in the mail on monday - it is awesome, but i haven't really sat down and read it. i have browsed and drooled over mine!!

  2. Truly bizarre, eh? I found a Golden Branches with lid the other day but I just couldn't stomach the $8.99 price tag! Was I silly to pass it up?

  3. Did you ever notice the date on the price tag? I just discovered this myself a few weeks ago - 01/12/11 on your tag - so the bowls were just put out on the floor! Great price for 2!!

  4. Heavens to Betsy! That's a great find! Gorgeous colour.

    Did you write it down in your Gratitude Journal, Erin? LOL, you're too funny!

  5. Good find, Erin! Love the yellow and the price!

  6. Awesome! Your post had me laughing this morning. I'm happy for you!

  7. Our GW's here in town have the same screwball pricing. You never know what you're going to have to pay!?!?! I think it depends on who's doing the pricing. Anyway, your bowls are lovely! Don't you just love the bright cheery yellow? They make me smile!

  8. That is a very good price for two bowls. I have a love/hate relationship with all my thrifts. The crazy way they price drives me nuts, unless of course I find a great bargain then I love the way they price. I think this book is going on my wish list...anyone listening??

  9. This blog is so fun-what a great collection and information about it!

  10. wow! ah-mazing find.
    don't you love a great deal!? obviously! congrats!

  11. I found a set of Cinderella mixing bowls at Goodwill yesterday. They broke them into two different sets. They were the Butterfly dark and light gold bowls. One was $14.99 and the other $10.99. Someone there knows about Pyrex!

  12. Those are so cheerful! Good deal you got at the VV...See the difference the book makes?