Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Looks Like a Christmas Design to Me!

A few posts back I told you about a Royal Wheat promotional piece that I had found at a local thrift store. In researching that piece, I discovered that I had a couple of other Pyrex promotional items. So while you are taking down your holiday decorations and storing them away for next year, I thought I would share one of those pieces with you since it looks like a Christmas design to me.

Barbara Mauzy’s book lists this as an unknown pattern, but PyreXFiles identifies it as a 404, 4-quart nesting bowl in the Golden Leaf pattern, a 1961 promotional. I found this at an estate sale last summer and it just screamed Christmas to me….still does! I was surprised that its name did not reflect a holiday theme and was also surprised to see it described as a nesting bowl. Does that mean that there are 3 matching bowls in smaller sizes? Do YOU know?

Soon I’ll let you know about the other promotional piece I found......think aqua!

Until then…..


  1. Hi Sherry! Pyrex only made this size in that pattern with a cradle and lid. By nesting it means that you could nest smaler sizes in it, but not some of the same pattern since they don't exist.

    The usual nesting sets have the no 401,402,403,404. Your's is the bigger size.

    Hope that helps

  2. Love this Sherry! Have never seen it before. Good find.

  3. That is a pretty piece! I got a few Pyrex pieces from my Grandma's house after she passed away. It may be the start of an addiction. :)

  4. Beautiful piece and thanks Vonlipi for you awesome info as usual. You are my go to person for Pyrex info!

  5. That is a very beautiful piece!! Wish I had some holiday Pyrex.

  6. I love this pattern - lucky you!!

  7. Thanks Vonlipi! Great information....now I just need to find the cradle and lid. More treasure hunting!!!

  8. Here's a link to Pyrex Love with all the info on this pattern:


  9. Would love to see this print on a fabric!