Saturday, January 29, 2011

name this pattern

i picked up this little buddy at goodwill yesterday for 55 cents...

but i can't figure out what pattern it is. i want to list it in my pyrex for trade group on flickr, but i need to know the name. any help?


p.s. i picked up a TON of other pieces that i am currently photographing and writing a post for, so stay tuned.


  1. Is it a later Pyrex piece? 80's or 90's?

  2. no clue. the markings on the bottom don't tell me too much. and it isn't in my collectors book.
    it has the actual pyrex marking on the bottom... not corning or anchor

  3. Does it have 'microwave' on the bottom?

  4. I wonder if it's English? A lot of the English patterns are light pastelly-ish.

  5. it does say microwave on the bottom. and the number 40 is there too.
    i thought it might be english too... i'm just so confused

  6. Have you had any luck? It looks like Corelle Ribbon Bouquet.