Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Pyrex Thrifting Weekend

Hope everyone had a great weekend! For me, it was a long weekend being that I had yesterday off for the MLK holiday. Hubby and I went on a little road trip Saturday up across the state line (Georgia state line) to do a little thrifting and Pyrex hunting. Well, actually I went to do the thrifting, he just accommodated and drove me, lol!! On our first little stop at a very small Salvation Army in a little hole in the wall town, look what I found. I know it's not your typical colorful Pyrex bowl, but when I spotted it I knew it was special, I just didn't realize how special. I also knew it was pretty old when I looked at the Pyrex logo, but didn't realize how old it really was. I told hubby I thought it was from the 40's. And the price was pretty special too!! $1.99!! After doing a little research, I found out that this Pyrex logo was only used between 1915-25, and that the holder is actually called a "mounter." The dish has straight sides without end handles or lips (another giveaway regarding it's age).

I've tried to clean the mounter up, and it looks a little better than it did. We hit a few more thrifts, and some antique stores along the way. I found a few odd pieces of Spring Daisy ...

A little Spice of Life jar, probably a spice holder ...

and a Forest Fancies Cinderella bowl set ...

Sunday we went to the flea market here in town, and this is my haul from there...
Town & Country divided dish:
Cinderella Daisy bowl...

A small Woodlands bowl (my first in this pattern)...

And last but not least, a small Butterfly Gold...

Whew.....I know that was photo overload!! Hope your weekend was as good a Pyrex weekend as mine!! :)


  1. What a haul! I'm loving the old mounter...that's my favorite!!!

  2. Sherry, I know.....it's my favorite find too! I guess because it's so old and I love the old tarnished silver.

  3. Wow you sure did find some wonderful Pyrex. I must agree with Sherry that old mounter piece is very special!

  4. What a great weekend! It makes me feel lazy in my quest- haha! Love the mounter- what a cool piece. I have a small woodland bowl- it's a fun pattern. Great finds, thanks for sharing!

  5. OMG

    My friend who I buy pyrex bowls for would just die to have all those pryrex bowls.

    I have been buying them for her and posted some on my blog that I bought her

    I really like all the colors together


  6. I love that little Spice of Life cannister! I have never seen one that small!!

  7. ...a lovely haul! i did a little hunting this weekend, but, alas, found nothing. i have the same orange daisy bowl and its one of my favs. i can't seem to put it away as i'm using it all the time. congrats on all your finds