Sunday, January 30, 2011

Twin Server Set

Hello Pyrex Collective!

Just a quick post to share yesterday's thrift find.

I found the two casseroles from the Twin Server Set (1959)
and paid just $6.00 - a great price, especially for this particular thrift.
They were on the top shelf,
and I would have missed them if not for a tall friend.
Thank goodness for friends who support Pyrexia.

Happy Sunday!



  1. Great find! Nothing beats a good deal especially if it is Pyrex!

  2. yet another pattern i've never seen. this one's beautiful! i'm now on the hunt for one

  3. I have one of those and didn't realize that it belongs to a set. Thanks for the lilnk!

  4. I would love to find those (especially with the carrier)!! They are darling!! That was some great luck that your friend found them!!

  5. I have one bowl of this twin set and know you are so lucky to have found both!! Now if we could find the carrier!! Oh and great price!

  6. I love this pattern! The colors and fading are just gorgeous! What a score.