Saturday, January 29, 2011

How it all got started...

You might think I'm crazy, but I didn't start collecting vintage Pyrex because of all of the gorgeous patterned bowls and casseroles. That came later and when it did, it hit me like a fever! I started out wanting to change my kitchen colors from mainly red to bright cheery colors like teal blue, orange and yellow. I thought to myself, I need new dishes to get the inspiration started. I wanted sturdy, vintage, restaurant quality dishes not the fragile ceramic stuff you get at department stores these days that chips first time you accidentally hit it on your counter or another dish. So my quest began to find vintage dishes. The ones on Ebay were expensive and no one was selling a complete set. I looked at all sorts of brands, Pyrex, Fire King, etc. and finally decided I LOVED PYREX! Now I just needed to find some.

A few weeks later, I found a post on Craig's List for some Pyrex restaurant dishes. I was so excited! And the best part about it -- they had a LOT of them to sell!

I got a ton of large and small plates for only $40. I love having extras for those weeks when I neglect doing dishes. :) The large plates are not as big as normal dinner plates. They must have been used in a diner for serving lunch.

I could not believe my luck! A week or so later, I was at a yard sale and nothing seemed special about it until I looked down on the ground next to a table and there was a box full of white dishes with the same blue stripe. I bought the whole box for $5. The box held the large, somewhat flattened bowls, great for spaghetti, the smaller version that I love to use for desserts and two cereal type bowls (all pictured above) and the cups with saucers pictured below. Jackpot! Upon further inspection, I discovered that all of the bowls, cups and saucers are actually Fire King or Anchor Hocking but they match almost perfectly to the Pyrex plates.

The kitchen makeover took off from there and so did my Pyrex fever! How did you begin collecting Pyrex?

Happy Pyrex hunting!

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  1. I was given my first piece an aqua colored bowl by an older neighbor when my kids were very small later I found a pink one!Now I am keepin my eye out for yellow and orange(the same bowl) just different color. I only like the ones that tug at my heart string.

  2. I began to want sturdy dishes...we are not a particularly dainty family. I am drawn to the things that demand respect, that have stood the test of time...beautiful, practical and functional. I found, while looking for vintage kitchen items at our GW a fabulous Pyrex lime square well as a turquoise Club brand sauce pan. The vibrant colors were intoxicating and I have had the fever ever since! I have gotten quite a few people hooked since fact just this past week my 5 year old said he wanted to take "Mommy's pretty Pyrex for show and tell"!

  3. I pick them up at estate sales mostly, and I love the bright ( and sometimes 70s) colors too!

  4. I just found 2 Pyrex saucers today at the thrift store! I didn't get them, because there were only two, and they were tea saucers- just a bit small for what I need. But I was taken at how thick and sturdy they were...if there were more I definitely would've snatched them up. BTW, love the Nancy Drew books! I used to have the set, had to sell them when we moved. Now my daughters love to collect them. :)

  5. I think I'm kind of strange in that my #1 wish is to find pieces of the dinnerware - the flamingo, lime, turquoise, etc. Although now, you probably couldn't tell it for all the mixing bowls, fridgies & casseroles I've picked up along the way :-)

    Great collection!

  6. @eclectimom - love your description of how you got the fever and so cute that your son wants to bring your Pyrex for show and tell! My daughter is 2 and she knows Mommy loves "Pyrek" as she calls it. :)

    @beetree - They really are sturdy. I LOVE my Pyrex dishes and I definitely recommend them. Hope you can find you a set soon! I loved Nancy Drew books as a girl and now I am collecting them to read again and for my daughter to read one day.

    @ Roxanne - that is a great idea of collecting all of the colors of the dinnerware! What a bright and pretty table setting that will be.

  7. I would like to sit down in your kitchen, pour my self a cup of coffee (out of one of your mugs) amd start reading my way through your Nancy Drew collection. :)

  8. Love it! Thanks Nells! I love a comfy house and a good book! :)