Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hello, Butterfly Gold!

Happy New Year to all!  This is my first post, so I thought I'd share my most recent find.  For Christmas, my husband roamed thrift stores high and low for Pyrex, but found none, to his dismay, to wrap for me.  The next day he took our older kids on a hike while I stayed home with our 3 year old, who was recovering from a Christmas pistachio/candy sneak-fest (we found piles of shells, and a trail of wrappers all leading to under the dining room table, where she had her cheeks full!).   By mid afternoon she was up-n-at-'em, so I thought I'd check my favorite thrift store for finds of the Pyrex sort.  As soon as I walked in the door, I looked over the crowd to the shelves of dishes, and look what I saw, as if in slow motion, all lit up and waiting for me:

It's the 4qt Butterfly Gold round casserole!  It didn't have the lid, but just two days before, I picked up a round glass lid that will do the trick until I can track down the one that was meant for it.  It is in perfect condition, and it matches the Cinderella bowl that I picked up in another thrift store earlier in the year:

Right next to it on the shelf was this:

1 QT Americana with the lid!
Right next to THAT was another 1qt with lid in the blue Colonial Mist pattern.  I don't have any blue, but it was a dilemma, because the blue was in excellent condition.  Somewhere in the back of my mind, though, I remembered having the Americana pattern, so I opted for that.  I still can't find the other dish, but I think it may be packed.  I wish I could have gotten the Colonial for a trade, but I'm so happy with what I took home.  For both dishes I paid $18, not a great steal, but definitely not bad either.  It was definitely a late Christmas present!


  1. great finds! i have pieces of the americana too - but i don't really like it. i just can't turn it down cause it is pyrex!!

  2. Great finds! Pyrex has gotten pretty high at some of the thrifts. Still there are bargains to be found. Seems the blue is very popular but the Americana has a fan club also I'm sure.

  3. I've never seen the Americana...maybe I'll find a piece one day. They must have sold a ton of Butterfly Gold down south because I see it all the time. Good finds!!!

  4. I find a lot of the Butterfly Gold too down here in the deep South!! Great finds, and it's too bad you weren't able to get the Colonial Mist. Your Americana is nice especially since it has a lid. I have a few pieces of the Americana, but I have to say it's not one of my favs...I think because it's a dark color.