Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My first Pyrex!

Once upon a time there was this girl - girl meets boy and gets married - boy has grandma's Pyrex bowl in his cabinet. Pyrex bowl stays in cabinet for 8 years, then packs up and moves to new house. Then Pyrex bowl sits in new cabinet for about 9 years. Pyrex bowl is lonely in cabinet, so bowl gets to move to top of microwave and gets a friend. Friend is antique butter paddle. Pyrex bowl is so happy now!!!! Don't know how bowl got the shiny, silverish finish on it's lovely beautiful blue sides, but Pyrex is loved very much now!! lol
The tiny coffee pot on the left is Pyrex and it has all the insides and it is in great shape. I had that little coffee pot for several years before noticing the Pyrex on the glass percolator top.
Now in the last several months I have gone Pyrex insane! I asked my mom in the late fall to start looking for Pyrex while she is all over the place looking for antique/vintage items for her booths at a local crafty/antique mall. I will confess to having about 50 pieces now, but I have only bought four or five of them myself. (Please don't hate me!) My mom finds these really great Pyrex things and brings them to me FREE!!!! (I knew you were gonna hate me!) I love the stuff and my mom's friend that also has a crafty/antique booth helps my mom find it while they are out shopping. I have pieces from Amish Country and Goodwill's and Mission's and even the occasional Antique Mall. The pieces I bought came from the big auction site, a Goodwill, and our local flea market the day after Christmas. I hope to share here and get some feedback from all you experts about my cool loot!


  1. I don't really 'hate' you but yes you do have one wonderful Mom and you are one very lucky Pyrex loving lady!!

  2. thanks! i enjoy reading about everyone's bargains - i just don't usually know what a bargain mine was!

  3. There's nothing better than roping in family members to thrift Pyrex for you. It's the closest we common people get to having agents and handlers. Do what you have to do.
    P.S. Nice bowl. Do you know which one it is? I'd love to see a bigger picture of it.