Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cute use for a topless fridgie..

Here is a cute use for a topless fridgie by vintagelove who owns a booth in Blue Banana Market here in Kensington Market in the heart of Toronto. Using it to display their business cards.

Yours truly,
Sir Thrift A Lot


  1. once i find a fridgie, i'm stealing this idea!! its genius

  2. What a great idea. Next time I do a booth or something I'm doing this. Currently my fridgies just hold my candy stash.

  3. very cute!

    i have yet to find my first fridgie. lid or no lid, it will come home with me!

  4. I'm in the same boat ana, have yet to find a fridgie.


  5. Same here! No fridgies yet, but I'm with Ana, lid or no lid, they will definitely be mine! :) LOVE this business card holder idea for vendor/craft shows.

    -- Erin {}