Friday, January 14, 2011

some quick finds

i thought i would write a quick post on some of the pyrex finds i made last weekend. yes i am a week behind on blogging... but in my defense, i'm in wedding planning mode (at least for the next nine months!!)

anyway, you want me to stop talking and show the goods:

i found two snowflake garland pieces to add to my rapidly growing collection... and my first lil green fridgie. and i must say this guy photographs a LOT worse than he looks in real life. trust me, he is not this beat up looking.
but he gets to join the blue fridgie family. (who by the way have NO lids. dang those things are hard to find!) i also picked up a lot more thrifted items that i plan on using at the wedding... if you want to check it out.
i'm going thrifting again today, so wish me luck. have a great weekend!!


  1. Wow, I am in love with your snowflake collection! I am still looking for my first piece of that design.

  2. Nice finds!! And very nice Snowflake collection!! I only have a few pieces of the Snowflake design, one that my daughter gave me for Christmas, a fridgie with no lid, and a butter dish. I'd love to add to my Snowflake collection.

  3. Sharon, that's funny...all I have is one very large casserole (the 664) and a butter dish in the snowflake pattern. After seeing the above collection I have to have is becoming one of my favorite patterns to be on the lookout for! Lovely photo!

    --Erin {}