Wednesday, January 19, 2011

pyrex pet peeve

i know the words in that title don't usuall go together... but i have to vent a little about the things that "irk" me when shopping for pyrex:
**and as a sidenote, these pictures are really bad quality**

#1 when sellers price the items for what they are worth versus what people will actually pay for them.
10 bucks for tiny fridgies (that had been run through a dishwasher a few times)?! umm NO. the funny thing is, this particular seller has a booth at another local thrift store and she has her pyrex priced MUCH lower. weird.
#2 when they label the items "vintage/antique bake ware". umm if you are going to go to the trouble of over-describing it... at least flip the bowl over and read PYREX on the bottom. haha

#3 (and this might just be cooky ole me) when i make up a story about the person who owns the booth... and it turns out they are the total opposite of what i thought.
for example, i had it in my head that the lady who had all the pyrex in this one booth was older, maybe a sweet grandmother, who was down-sizing her home, possibly moving into an apartment or in with a daughter, and she had to find a way to get rid of all her vintage pyrex, Tupperware and other kitchen gadgets. (hey, it could happen right?)well it turns out (after i asked the store owner to describe her... i promise it's a lot less creepy than it sounds. haha) she is a middle-aged Asian woman who yard sales every weekend and then turns around and sells the goods to people like me. i just thought it would be nice to get this off my chest. hopefully all this "complaining" doesn't jinx me for my pyrex hunt this weekend.
do y'all have any "pyrex pet peeves"?
p.s. i recently RACKED UP on more blue pieces.


  1. I HATE when people kno what they have.

  2. Yes, yes I do: when the thrifts put a piece of tape or a tag DIRECTLY over the delicate gold leaf patterns on the Pyrex I want to buy!!! It ALWAYS takes some of the pattern off, grrr!

  3. I am afraid but this is what happens when a 'vintage' product becomes so popular like Pyrex has in the past couple of years.
    Martha Stewart caused the same thing to happen with Jadite everything in the early to mid 90's. You could get that very cheaply but when she said to the world that she collected it, well the prices went crazy and are have stayed high.
    Just the nature of the beast we 'collectors' are up against.

  4. The antique mall prices are so high and sometimes for Pyrex in horrible shape. I just keep looking at the thrifts and yard sales.

  5. I hate it when sellers price the items according to what they are going for on ebay!! I've actually been in an antique/thrift store and asked the lady if she'd take less, and she went to the computer and went on ebay. Just because Pyrex or other items are selling for a certain price on ebay doesn't mean that's what they are worth or what people will pay for them in thrifts!!

  6. I get annoyed when people label other vintage brands of cookware "pyrex." I see the label, think to myself "nahh, really?," flip the item over to see "fire king" stamped on the bottom. seriously? is it stupidity or trying to trick the stupid? I dont know...

  7. Finally, people who understand me. You're my people!

    What's with GW putting the price tag over the maker's mark on the bottom? That's not just Pyrex, but a plain peeve.