Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Promised You Aqua!

A week ago I promised you that I would share with you my last piece of promotional Pyrex in one of the most popular colors…….aqua!

Well, according to Pyrex Love and PyreXFiles, it seems I might have lied (but I didn't mean to!). They call this design Blue Wheat……but doesn't it look aqua to you?

This 1.5 quart round hostess casserole is a 1961 Christmas Promotion. I found the bottom at a local junk store and one week later (with dimensions in hand) found the lid at a vintage glass shop on the Alabama Coast.

I wonder if this one came with a cradle?


  1. I have never seen this pattern before - I really like it! Great find!

  2. It definitely looks aqua to me! Great find! There are so many Pyrex patterns....it's hard to keep up with all of them!

  3. very pretty piece and i haven't seen it before either. it is in the great big book of pyrex, but it just says found on a casserole, no name!

  4. It looks aqua to me! Love the shape of this bowl and good find for the lid.

  5. in my new pyrex book that lid is used as a baking dish too - that is why it is so deep!