Thursday, March 31, 2011

Three Great Pyrex Finds!

I found three great things at my local thrift today!

A Butterprint set missing just one bowl A pristine blue divided dish (sadly missing the lid) and a small brown casserole. I don't usually like the brown Pyrex, but I like these white flowers alot (maybe one of you can tell me what pattern it is)!

a jobling lot

It's been yet another fabulous week for Pyrex thrifting here in England.

I started the week by picking up this lovely casserole dish for £1 ($1.60) in our own small town's little charity shop- simple but pleasing...

Then, in my lunch break yesterday, I ventured into a charity shop that I've not been in before, over the other side of town to where I normally forage. It was a rather jumbly and dishevelled Salvation Army shop- not very fragrant and the sort of place that gives charity shops a bad name. I literally had to get down on my knees and sort through piles of dirty tat, but it was very much worth it because

first I found four little Gaiety plates, £1.50 ($2.41) for all four...

I notice that, curiously, one of them doesn't quite match the other three. Three of them have a gold rim and the usual J A Jobling crown logo on the reverse...

However, the third does not have a gold rim and has a strange 'Jobling Opalware' logo that I have never seen before. The snowflakes don't seem to be quite as well printed on either, they are slightly more raised and flaked off more than on the other plates.

I wonder whether the charity shop had them in separately and then put them together as a set, although I suppose it's more likely that the original owner broke one and bought a replacement at a later date?

And now for the pièce de résistance...


the most beautiful eggshell blue Gaiety divided dish for a mere £1 ($1.60). This is the very piece I have been coveting for months, as they never made very much block-coloured English Pyrex- this is one of the few. It's so pretty- I can't wait to have a Sunday roast to use it for my vegetables.

Although, it is frustratingly minus its lid- where are all these millions of illusive Pyrex lids that have been misplaced over the years?

Mother Of Purl

Fruit stand made of Pyrex baking dishes

At a site I frequent called The Kitchn (no, that isn't a typo - and no, I don't know why anyone misspells the word kitchen on purpose), you'll find a picture of Pyrex baking dishes being used as a "fruit stand".  I tried to insert the photo here but it didn't work for me.  Learn how they did it here 

Lime Green and Red

I found a cute little red fridgie yesterday at Value Village - I thought it was a wasted visit - then I spotted it sitting with collector dolls - no lid but that's ok, fridgies are cute with or without - price - $1.99.  I don't usually find anything at the Salvation Army store - but my luck  changed - a lime green square pan - $2.29.  I am hoping my luck really changes as I bid on two silent auctions for Pyrex - will I win??  Hope so!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Best Friends EVER!!

a quick shout out to my posse to who took me out to dinner tonight and a big thanks to everyone for the bday wishes.

but, the divine miss d. gets an extra hug for gifting these two amazing pyrex lovelies to me!!

thanks girls! happy bday to me! :)


This is all the Pyrex I have found in the past few weeks while thrifting:

That's right, a big fat nothing. At least nothing worth while! I saw a few pieces that were very damaged or sold with a damaged piece to get rid of the damaged piece (no thank you!), or that were supposed to be sold with a lid (the tag said 2 pcs) but some smart alec had taken or hidden the lid, and last but not least a Pyrex flameware double boiler pot (just the top part and the lid) for $9.99! I left it there and I'm glad I did because when I came home and checked on Ebay, I found out that that's how much they sell for. Thrift stores should be cheap! It's supposed to be one big garage sale!

So I'm miffed about the dry spell, miffed about the fact they try to pass the ugly pieces with the good ones, miffed about the high prices and miffed by the fact that it seems that someone is infringing on my Pyrex territory and getting to the good pieces before me, COL (cry out loud)!!

Oh well, that's my rant for the day. Thanks for listening, I know you all understand!

Pyrex Wine Decanters

I found one of these about a year ago (while thrifting, of course) and loved the quirky, mid-century look (although I think they're probably from the 70s).  Lo and behold, I found two more yesterday at Goodwill for a whopping $3 each.  I really, truly don't need three (I mean, how often do I actually decant wine?), so I decided to part with these two and have gifted them to a couple of my pyrex-loving friends.

Wine, iced tea, lemonade, chilled gazpacho...I'm ready for summer - or at least spring!

Dry spell ends....

Well, thanks to my son my Pyrex dry spell finally ended this weekend!! Look what my son (who's secretly a Pyrex maniac) brought to me!!

A set of Autumn Wheat Cinderella bowls

And, a Verde casserole (no lid)

I've been so busy at work for the past couple of weeks, I haven't really done a whole lot of thrifting. But, hopefully that will change this weekend when hubby and I take a little mini road trip to Alabama.

Petey the Pyrex we need a mascot?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Getting picked up by pregnant women in thrift stores

hi everyone! i haven't posted for a while, but it was a fabulous pyrex weekend so i had to photograph my new lovelies and share them with everyone. i should start off by saying that my bday is this week so, if good things happen in threes, the first good thing is that i am off work for the week! the second good thing would be that despite the persistent rain of the last few weeks, this week is supposed to be primarily sunny. on my actual bday, the predicted high is in the mid 70s! and the third good thing is the abundance of pyrex that has found its way into my little house..check out my kitchen windows above!

so my rainy saturday started off at an estate sale that rewarded me with the woodland bowls for $10. i can live without that $10...the pyrex? not so sure!

then, i headed out to a suburb about a 1/2 hour away to check out a cluster of thrift stores. there are about 6 within a few blocks of each other. i struck out at the first two, but found the faded, but still lovable gooseberry 443 at the third store. i talked it down to $4. heading next door, i then found this 404 harvest wheat bowl that i got for $8. i think the thrift store people are catching on! $8 !! but, as you can see, she came home with me, too.

as i was cheerily negotiating with the cashier over the price of the harvest bowl, this very cute, very pregnant woman with her 12 year old dter standing in line behind me pipes up and says that she has a bunch of pyrex at home that she got from her mom and that she is just not using. would i like to come over and take them off her hands? now, i live in a city that is very diverse so i think i'm pretty street -wise, but this was the white bread suburbs, so hey, why not? so, i followed her directions back to her house, and found her with these....

and this....the deco piece

i also bought two small red fridgies off her. no lids, but i didn't have any red ones so they were welcomed, too.

now any other girl may have stopped at this point, but i didn't! off to craigslist i went.

oddly, it took me back out to the same suburb this morning. i got the dog in the car and off i went. now, this lady had a ton of pyrex that she has bought over many years and is now selling it for profit. i limited myself to three pieces and at that, i still spent $30, but look what i got. firstly, the lovely 403 shanandoah pictured above, and then the following:

to round out my current ownings, the small orange daisy cinderella.

and, she also had the balloon dip bowl to match my chip bowl!! these are probably my favorite pieces in my collection :)

petey is now taking a nap. he normally would say "woof", but he's too tired after all the driving and shopping. happy bday week to me!

Coffee/bourbon carafe

I didn't see this interesting Pyrex find on my first turn through one of my favorite antique stops in Southern Illinois. On my second go-around (just to make sure I hadn't missed any little 401 bowls), I spotted what looked like a Pyrex coffee carafe. It was Pyrex, all right, in the form of a Jim Beam bottle intended to be put to use as a coffee carafe when empty. The rafia around the neck of the bottle is in great shape, and most of the paper seal is still over the top of the cork, dated both 1949 and 1954 in red ink. The partially peeling sticker you see on the back of the bottle says, "Keep cork out when warming coffee." The cork still smells like bourbon.

This is the back of the bottle, clearly labeled "Pyrex brand glassware made in U.S.A. for James B. Beam Dist. Co. Inc." A funky little piece of nostalgia for only $6. I also picked up some small quilts, which you can read about on my blog Quilt Stories.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

four four-forty-threes

I am moving; thus, I am packing!  Before my Pyrex collection went carefully into boxes, it asked me kindly to take some pictures of its better sides.  I obliged.  Here you have my #443s – that’s all of them!  (I really thought I had more!)
♥ Madge (Solid Cherry)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Traded a FK "Summerfield" round casserole and a Pyrex "Terra" small casserole for the two Spring Blossom bowls! Then I found the samll brown bowl at SA for 69 cents! Another Pyrex dry spell has been overcome.....

Fridgie Heaven

Hey everyone! There have been tons of great posts lately. It warms my vintage heart to see so much awesome Pyrex out there being snatched up by people who appreciate it! Here are my contributions:

My rad boyfriend got me this set of Pink Gooseberry fridgies for my birthday! I love them so much! I cherish gifted Pyrex because I never have to face a reseller's dilemma and I get to keep them forever and ever.

I picked up this Daisy set of fridgies at an estate sale. I decided to resell these in my Etsy shop because I don't collect the set and am hoping to find someone out there who will love them.

This is my second piece of Butterprint! It's so swoon-worthy! It's the large fridgie and I couldn't hand over my five bucks fast enough.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and happy hunting!

it never rains but it pours

I can't believe it- I scored in my lunch break again today!

A set of nine beautiful bright pieces of Pyrex for the bargain price of £3.99 ($6.42) for the lot. Trying to explain to my husband exactly why we need yet another gravy boat is becoming tricky.

I'm finding it a challenge discovering the name of this pattern- it looks just like Matchmaker, but I've only ever seen that in blue and green, so I'm not 100% sure. Can anyone help me out?

1959 Promotional Green and Blue Leaf Twin Server

Hello Pyrex Collective! I made a great find of a 1959 promo piece...

Isn't it cheery and perfect for Spring? I have a pic of it here with a vintage 75-cent apron I found at a church basement sale.

Check out my main post at SixBalloons for completely different photos of this cute pattern!

Pyrex History-Patterns and Years

this is an interesting site i found....good for identifying all your lovlies :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Mystery Pyrex Tile

I'm not quite sure the 'what' or 'why' of this little ceramic tile, but I found it in a small town thrift store that I dragged my poor co-worker to while on a 10 hour road trip for work. 

Bottom line, it said Pyrex on it and was 25 cents...that's good enough for me (yet I still wonder what the 42 means).  I did leave behind some yellow/black gooseberry cinderella bowls and a flamingo square baker - it was week one of my new resolution to exercise Pyrex restraint!

Butterprint Cameo

My son and I were just watching homemade ice cream tutorials on YouTube and I almost spat out my coffee at 1:05. "It's a Butterprint bowl!" It's so nice to see one of our beloved pieces of Pyrex rocking on the screen.

Erin Toronto Yardsaler

Pyrex on Vacation

I'm down in Naples, Florida visiting my parents and look what I found!  All 3 pieces are in perfect condition - the Butterfly Gold set looks brand new!  :)  I can't believe my good luck!

Healthy Glow

Yummy but not so healthy cookies :)

I love the translucence of Pyrex in the right light. This is the only round casserole for which I have the matching lid (I have many round lids, but not the sizes I need)

More glowing pyrex and the cookie recipe are on my blog.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lonely Lids

Hello Collective!

Just a quick post to share some of my weekend thrifting finds.
I haven't struck Pyrex in quite awhile,
but last weekend, I scored these two lids for $1.00 a piece!
They are both for the 475 round casserole.
My question for you, Pyrex lovers, is what do the matching casseroles look like?
I don't think that I've ever seen a 475 Friendship or Verde casserole.
If you could direct me toward pics, it would be much appreciated.

Happy Hump Day!


my pyrex drought is over- yip yip!

I've been having a right old grumble recently, due to my very poor luck in finding any Pyrex at all, here in the charity shops of the UK. But today my drought was finally over when I spotted to lovely large bowls (sadly without lids) at the bargain price of £1.99 ($3.26) each.

There was one with a Chelsea pattern:

and my very first piece of Harvest:

Hurrah for pretty JAJ!

I also picked up the most amazing Meakin coffee pot- details of which can be found over here

Happy days x

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's a Hit!

Hoist the loving cup of warm Pyrex fuzzies and read about something other than Charlie Sheen!

Hello everyone,
The fabulous Six Balloons has rightfully noted in an email to me that The Pyrex Collective is a hit. We're awesome on so many levels. This is the perfect support group for all of us who are surrounded by co-workers, friends, and families who just don't get this Pyrex thing. Group hug.

Six Balloons also wanted me to remind Pyrex Collective I to visit Pyrex Collective II and see what's happening. Do become a follower of it to show your support. It will have 100 authors before we know it.

Happy thrifting this week!

Is this Pyrex?

In one of the Pyrex price guides, they show a striped pitcher and glasses. I picked up this pitcher at my local thrift shop. Is it Pyrex or just a pretty striped pitcher?I also wanted to share two happy thrift finds that I recently got:

These 3 butterfly gold casseroles (I'm assuming they're casseroles because of their shape, though there were no lids)

These 3 Pyrex dinnerware plates -- they're small (maybe 5 or 6" in diameter). They're the first dinnerware I've found!

Everybody...err, bunny...loves Pyrex!

Even Betty, our house rabbit, enjoys pyrex (I sure hope that using pyrex for the pets isn't blasphemy ;-)  She prefers the Americana pattern for her daily water - it reminds her of her feline and poultry sisters.

The chickens, alas, will have to get by with plain old clear glass!

Monday, March 21, 2011

A Wonderful Pyrex Weekend!

Hello fellow Pyrexians! Just wanted to share my finds from this weekend with you...

If you recall from this post, I am in LOVE with the Blue Snowflake pattern and I'm always on the lookout for it now. I found two of the cinderella mixing bowls I was missing this weekend. They came in a set of 4 bowls, one being the large bowl I already have and the other being a little oddball green mixing bowl. Of course, I couldn't pass it up and I am delighted to have two more snowflake pieces. Now to find the missing medium white bowl! :)

The odd set for $22 at an Antique Mall

I am not a fan of the dark avocado green, so I do not collect Spring Blossom Pyrex, BUT I do like this lighter green bowl I ended up with in my "set".

Found this for $2 at Goodwill. It is a gift for my friend Stacey, who LOVES avocado green and Pyrex.

Light Green Casserole - $8

Found these Butterprint Fridgies, unfortunately with no lids, for $3.50 each and the plain white fridgie at a thrift store for 50 cents...I don't think it's markings on the bottom but I couldn't leave a fridgie behind!

Happy Pyrex hunting this week!!

--Erin {}