Monday, February 14, 2011


Just wanted to share my latest additions...and my new love for the Snowflake pattern.

I got a late Christmas gift from my friend Chelsa. She knows how much I love Pyrex and she gave me the perfect gift!! -- a Pyrex bowl that she already owned but knew that I would love and treasure. She was right!

It goes perfectly with the butter dish and very large casserole that I found at the thrift store recently. I LOVE this large casserole dish and didn't even know that Pyrex made one this big until I discovered this one. I haven't baked anything in it yet but I have plans for a big mac daddy Mac & Cheese soon. :)

Soon after I received the mixing bowl, I found an Ad on Craig's List for some beautiful Pyrex (finding Pyrex on my local CL is a rarity so I was super excited about this). One of the items in the Ad was this casserole below. It's now mine! :) I'll post the other items I got from CL soon.

I am loving the snowflake pattern and can't wait to add on more pieces!

Happy Pyrex hunting this week!

--Erin {}


  1. I have that really big one also. It was given to me by my mother's best friend. She was cleaning out her kitchen in preparation for moving and sent it to me because she knew I was a pyrex collector. It is great for potato salad or pasta salad for a crowd.

  2. Nice collection of the Snowflake design you got going!! I especially like the big bowl!

  3. don't you just love when all the matching pieces just find their way together! i recently found a casserole dish of the same large size, but the one i found has the crazy daisy pattern on it. as luck would have it, i found it with its matching lid. congrats on all the beautiful blue snowflakes! :)

  4. love them all - they are one of my faves too! i bought a mismatched casserole lid today. the casserole was snowflake and the lid was snowflake garland. i hope to find their correct mates someday. i also bought a teeny tiny little grey bowl/casserole. i didn't know they came that small lol.

  5. Kimybeee, you should post pics! I would love to see the tiny grey casserole. :)

    Leslie, I wish mine had the lid but no such luck...maybe I'll find it later on.

    Karen, my favorite pieces of Pyrex are the ones from family or friends because there is a story behind them. Great idea to use the large bowl for potato salad!