Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day Pyrex finds

I did not find this pitcher today. I been had it. I just wanted to show off my Valentine Flowers. The pitchers make great vases.
I was vending at a retro indie craft show this weekend. You can read about it here on my blog. I took lots of photos. I was looking all over for vendors who were selling Pyrex for you. I really was. I was on a mission to find some. I did. I did. Not much. The photo above and below.
You can see I bought that pink Gooseberry bowl. My friend had it. I also snatched that aqua bowl from another friend who was vending vintage at the show. Thank you girls!!I paid $7 for the aqua and $5 for the pink. (I need one more pink to complete this set. wait maybe 2 how many are in this set?)
I found this 3 piece set. I was not going to buy this set. I was not sure how I felt about the pattern and colors. I do like them. Love? Not sure. I bought them anyways. HA! I need help. I can always sell them at the craft shows I vend at. I say that with a few pieces I buy. But then day of the show I say "NO THAT'S MY PRECIOUS PYREX"! (all selfish like) $15 for the set. they sell all the pieces separate at the thrift store. So if I only wanted one I could have just taken the one I liked the most. Which was the egg shell color. But the greedy me said TAKE THEM ALL. So I did.
I found an orange bowl, $3.00. This is my 2nd orange piece. I want more. I found another green ($4.00) from the stacking set.
I found this technically on Thursday of last week. I was shocked when I went digging for the lid that it fit. They keep the lids separate from the bowls and of course charge a dollar or 2 for them. I paid $4 bucks total. This color screams farm fresh eggs. I do love it.
The photo above and below are Pyrex I did not buy. I left them at the thrift store. The glass one is from what set? I am not into clear Pyrex. Nor all white Pyrex.
These are England Pyrex! I know some of you love them. I left them. I just don't get all excited for them. I found the lid for the larger dish in the lid pile too. It has been a while since I even went thrifting cause I have been busy crafting and getting ready for craft shows. I spoiled myself today and got myself the best Valentines presents! Hope you get a little Pyrex Valentines cheer! Happy Valentines Day!!


  1. You found some very nice pieces of Pyrex!! It would have been hard for me to leave any of them behind...even the clear one. Congratulations on your success at the indie show! Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. LOVE your idea of putting flowers in the pitchers and using them as a vase!