Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cherry Blossom?

Hi all,

I found these at VV on Tuesday. Isn't that a lovely set? They say "Pyrex England" underneath.

Look at the beautiful detailing of the pattern:

I did some research and found only one reference, saying that this pattern was "Cherry Blossom". If anyone knows anything more about this pattern, please share with me.

Does anyone know of a website that references the English Pyrex patterns? Does Barbara Mauzy's books reference the English patterns as well?



  1. That is so pretty!!!!! So many of the English Pyrex patterns are not listed anywhere that I can find.

  2. These are beautiful! I have never seen this pattern before!

  3. her book doesn't have any English Pyrex references that I have seen.
    those are so pretty and dainty. i like them

  4. Those are so pretty!! I've never seen that pattern either.

  5. Those are beautiful, of course I have never seen that set.

    I found a bowl today if I can figure out how to post on this site I will show it.


  6. Hi there! I know this Cherry Blossom post is from 2011..but today I found the "cherry blossom" Pyrex England tea cup set and this is the only thing i could find in my searches that has anything about this particular pattern..I was hoping you might have found out more about it since then? I'm just looking for a year or Circa!

    Thank you so much!