Saturday, February 26, 2011

branching out

This is a shot of my recent loot from ONE (magical) thrift store.

see that lovely yellow casserole on the far left? i literally jumped up and down and squealed when i saw it (for a good price too).

but for anyone who has read my posts before... i'm the girl who only collects turquoise and green.

but since i found that lovely casserole, i have decided to collect all the casserole colors (baby steps, right?)

i just think they are SO pretty together and i can't wait to find the lime green one next. does anyone know of any other colors?


  1. They ARE so pretty together! Lovely.

  2. Nice find!! I have 4 of that size, and love them! And, they do look very pretty stacked together! Very nice finds!

  3. Love all your finds! The photo of the casseroles makes me so happy! I hope to find one in any color sometime!

  4. Take a look at the lower right hand corner of our banner. You'll see a stack of utility bowls in several colors.