Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Collection

Hi Everyone!
This is my first post on Pyrex Collective. I've finally gotten around to documenting my collection. Happy hunting!
Terra at work, I keep it on my desk, it makes me happy! $1.99 VV.

Medallion Promo Cinderella, no candle warmer, 25 cents at a garage sale.
Snowflake Cinderella was free from my mom's friend.

These came from an antique shop, $25 but I needed them :)

Summer Impressions, picked up at a senior's sale.
I have not come across these custard dishes again. A very happy find!

Butterfly Gold, too cute to pass up, VV find.

Verde! Truly loved and dishwasher ruined,
gifted to my mom after she commented to a friend that I collected Pyrex!

Found on different thrifting days, missing all three lids.

Verde Casseroles! Free again from a colleague of my mom's!

Friendship, paid too much but had to have them!

Great Grandma's Fridgies!

Fridgies at work in the washroom, holding cotton balls and Q-Tips!


  1. Wonderful collection and especailly the free ones from friends. I stopped at our pitiful goodwill yesterday hoping to see one. never have seen one at our store.


  2. Those custard dishes are so sweet! And what a wonderful thing to have your great Grandma's dish set- that is the best! Great collection, thanks for sharing!

  3. Nice collection, but my heart goes tot he very used green bowl - those are my dailies.

  4. Beautiful collection! I love to see other people's Pyrex hard at work :)

  5. Lucky you - nice Pyrex pieces!!

  6. Great collection! I especially love your Friendship cassey. How cool you have your great grandmas fridgies too.

  7. Love the terra. Hoping to find one someday.

  8. I've been looking for a particular Pyrex bowl for ages! I've come across others, some I've see in your collection, but not this particular one! Great blog! I see you have 2 blogs, that's a lot of work, how do you manage it? I've enjoyed my visit and am now Following you!


  9. That's a very nice collection! I especially like the Medallion Promo, and the ones from your Grandma!!