Thursday, February 10, 2011

New additions!

I did find some Pyrex goodies that I didn't have during my Maine getaway...Take a look!

I can't help but feel that Pyrex and kitty cats make a fantastic pair!

Her's Boubou with a small crazy daisy casserole 3$ @ Cliff's in Maine.

 Bob is glancing at my new Autumn Harvest glass canister also bought from Cliff's in Maine. I was happy to fork 5$ for this because I'd never seen one in the flesh before!

Have a great evening :)


  1. I just found some new Pyrex in Maine too! My post is a few below yours. Whereabouts is Cliff's? I found mine at an antique store in Ogunquit. I have that little canister - I did a trade for it b/c I wanted it to bad - isn't it cute!

  2. Is crazy daisy and spring blossom different? Ok going to check out the differences on Pyrex Love!

  3. I love that Autumn Harvest canister! The Spring Daisy is nice too!!

  4. Katie: Cliff's is in Scarborough on rte one just across a Land Rover dealership. It's opened year round.

    Linda: I just came back from a visit over @ Pyrex Love and it seems both are Spring Blossom Green, I was under the impression the smaller flower was Crazy Daisy and the bigger Spring Blossom Green :) Oh well, live and learn lol

  5. I don't know which I love more, the Pyrex or the kitties! They seem to be Pyrex lovers too, what good taste they have!