Monday, February 14, 2011

Last Week Thrift Finds

Hello and Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!! First of all I am going to post what I found all last week on different days at different thrifts around town. Then later, I'll post what my son and I found on Saturday when we went on a little shopping expedition not too far from Tallahassee.'s my finds from last week:

A #442 Butterprint bowl that truly has seen better days. I cleaned it quite a bit, but it still doesn't have that Pyrex sheen. I just couldn't leave it at the thrift store, and the price was $2.90!!

Next, is this blue bowl. I am not sure if it is from the Blue Horizon collection, or the bottom of the Spirograph bowl. Maybe some of you can help me figure it out. I love the color.

This is another one of the clear bottom Pyrex bowls that I seem to be finding a lot of lately. This is a deep burgandy color that I've never seen before. This picture makes it look lighter than it actually is.

And the last little thing I found was this Corning Ware pie plate.

Later, I'll post the really cool Pyrex finds that I got Saturday.


  1. And all this time, I just thought I had old dishes in my cabinets. Dishes from my mother and grandmother. Some I've given to my daughter and the rest I use all the time. Now I can call them "a collection!" Fun blog here!

  2. I have the same blue casserole with a clear lid - I think it must be from the Horizon Blue set.

  3. No Butterprint left behind! That's my motto :)

  4. Lots of great finds! Glad you saved the Butterprint!

  5. A friend of my mom's gave me 3 of those corning ware pie plates for a wedding gift (we're talking 1973!) and they still look as good as the day I got them. One of my favourite possessions -- treasure yours!