Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Happy Pyrex Week!

I picked up some great Pyrex finds at estate sales & thrift stores last week -- I feel like I hit the jackpot!
Can anyone explain the difference in the lids? I assume one type is older than the other, but which one?

My favorite: a turquoise chip & dip set! I paid full price at an antique store for this, but it was worth it!
Wasn't it a happy Pyrex week? What kind of treasures did you find?

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  1. About the lids; the older ones are are the ones with the stripes only on the side; they were made up until 1950. After the company found that they were expensive to manufacture and decided to go with the full stripe design.

  2. that turquoise chip and dip set is to die for! i hope i come upon a set one day! :)

  3. the chip and dip is so fabulous! congrats on your find :)

  4. Just what is full price for the chip and dip?

    I never know what is the average price on pyrex just curious.

    I love the turquoise color my sister and I was just talking we would love to have an old 1960's turquoise kitchen you know stove refigerator and sink , turquoise !!!!!!!

    I know around since there is not very much pyrex and only 2 resale shops the big pink cinderella I bought was $20 !!!!!!!!


  5. What a wonderful week! You got a lot of really great pieces! :)

  6. I am loving that turquoise chip & dip set!! I've never come across one in all my pyrex travels, but hopefully one day I will! You found some nice pieces!

  7. Thanks for the help on the lids -- now I'll know which are the older ones to watch for!

    I paid $22 for the chip and dip -- WAY more than I usually like to spend, as I'd prefer to find my treasures at sales or thrifts. I'd never seen one, though, and was afraid I never would again.

  8. Great stuff you found! I love all of the fridgies and the chip and dip set is AMAZING!!

  9. LOVE that chip and dip bowl. I would have paid that much and more! Gorgeous! (and I don't even collect Pyrex....for myself. haha)