Saturday, February 26, 2011


Since I starting collecting Pyrex about a year ago, I noticed that fridgies seem to be hard to find here in the Twin Cities. Fridgies in good condition are even rarer. This past few weeks, luck has been on my side.

My first set (minus the largest fridgie) I found together. They were pushed to the back of the shelf near the bottom. I had been talking to another shopper (the two fiesta sets in my cart caught her eye) and wasn't really paying attention to what was on the shelf until another shopper moved a couple of ... well, something. I don't remember. I just remember seeing the pyrex. And diving for it.

Okay, so I didn't dive for it. That's what I did in my mind. Luckily, I was able to stop myself before I did that. Whew!

When I had a chance, I pushed a few more items aside and pulled out a three piece set of Spring Blossom. It looks like it is unused. Beautiful!

My first pieces of pyrex were a set of Spring Blossom cinderella bowls. (I had bought them because my mom had a set of them when I was growing up. And would never let me use them.)
I have slowly been collecting other Spring Blossom pieces as I find them in thrift stores.

The two smaller ones cost $2 each and the larger one cost $3. Not bad.

About a week later, at different store, I found this one in the Woodland pattern. Again, it was pushed to the back of the shelf with other items hiding it. After a quick inspection, it was paid for and on it's way home with me. It was in excellent condition, just like the ones above.

Not a huge fan of this pattern (like many of you), but it's growing on me. As I mentioned before, fridgies seem to be hard to find here in the TC, so I was feeling lucky to find one even if it wasn't in a pattern I collect.

This one cost me $4.

Since they seem to be hard to find, you can imagine my surprise when I found this blue fridgie with an older lid last night! I hesitated for a minute before I decided to purchase it. Glad I decided to buy it as I'm sure it would have been gone by the time I went back.

Yes, it was a little more than I am usually willing to pay at a thrift store, but it was in great shape with only one small chip in the paint. And I haven't seen a blue fridgie that was in such good condition before.

This one set me back $8.00.

Here are all my fridgies together. My beautiful, growing collection of fridgies.

As this is my first post, I would just like to say that I love seeing all your photos and reading your stories. Keep 'em coming!

Happy pyrex hunting this weekend, everybody!


  1. Woodland fridgie - I like it!!!

  2. Sir Thrift-A-Lot - you have many finds that I adore, too.

    Jill - :)

  3. I love them ALL. What a great first post, can't wait to see more!

  4. My wife and I purchased our first fridgie, the blue one that was shown in your photos for $9. It was a consignment store, so I couldn't haggle, but it was minty and deserved a good home. Fridgies rock!

  5. Wow, love all your fridgies!! They are super hard to find around here, so when I do find one, or more......I jump on them! Not literally, but you know what I mean, LOL!!

  6. my soon-to-be mother in law has an AWESOME pyrex collection. One bowl has these cutesie orange and red birds on it. I keep threatening to steal it.