Thursday, February 3, 2011

Looky, Looky!

Last night my daughter and I stopped by the thrift store.  She spotted these Butterfly Gold mugs for me- all three for $1.95!  My B.G. collection is slowly growing, and since I love that pattern, that's a good thing.  These mugs remind me of being at a diner- I think because they are so thick.  I love the slant of the handles.  We came home and had hot chocolate in them!

AND....I also found this set of fridgies!!!!

They are in perfect condition- no chips, cracks, scuffs or anything!  The total was only $10.95 for the three pieces, and it matches my very first fridgie I just picked up at a different store last week!  I know the clear isn't as popular as the colored or patterned, but I just love them.  I love the lids, of course, and that you can see the goodies that are waiting for you inside (just in time for Valentine's cookies, and little heart conversation candies!).  I thought I was going to hyperventilate when I saw them- to find a whole set at once (and in great condition!) was pretty amazing. 


  1. Actually, the clear fridgies are very practical, as you can change their content according to the seasons and the events, like your candy hearts!

  2. I love the clear fridgies! Don't see them very often at all! Great finds!

  3. I'd be ecstatic if I found a clear set of fridgies! You did good!