Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Pyrex Happy Day!

Hello friends,

Popping in to share today's bounty. I've been patiently waiting for this particular antique sale that was held today. I met my pal Char there early and it was jam packed, but I managed to squeeze thru the crowds to get my hands on a few lovelies.

I found these delphite fridgies for $20. I had no idea they were made in Canada. Very cool. These make me really happy.

 My heart almost stopped when I saw this favourite pattern! Maybe priced a bit high at $18, but considering how rare it is for me to find anything Friendship the price was just right. It's also in terrific condition.

Lastly, I bought these Pink Daisy space savers for $14.50. I really love them in all their pink glory.

So the sale was great and I was pleased with the haul. It wasn't the jackpot I hit the last time this sale was held, but I was happy. I normally buy my Pyrex at thrift stores and garage sales and these are items I would NEVER see at those places.

But that's not the only Pyrex the day had in store for me. Char (who is always on the lookout for me) had these cute Butterfly Gold casseroles waiting for me in her vehicle.

She also had this amazing Snowflake divided dish (in fantastic shape too).

How lucky am I to have my very own personal Pyrex shopper?

Here's all of it together. Oh, happy day!

I hope your day was full of Pyrex too!


  1. Awesome finds!!! You have an amazing collection!

  2. Wow, you hit the mother lode!! Beautiful finds!! I'm a tad jealous. I didn't find that much pretty stuff this weekend. :(

  3. Great finds. Where did you get them and how much did you fork out in total?
    Enquiring minds want to know. Like me!

  4. Thanks! Most were from an antique sale that is held twice a year in a community centre in Calgary, and 3 pieces were picked up by a friend at thrift stores. Total for all was $67.50, which seems like a lot to shell out in a day but I love them all.