Monday, February 21, 2011

Flamingo Pink

This is not a post about those kitschy pink flamingos you see in people's gardens.  It's wayyyy better than that:

A $2 Flamingo Pink Pyrex Casserole!

I found this beauty at the local Salvation Army, while I was on a mission to find a white bed sheet for a project.  I found a white sheet, but had to peruse the whole store (because you never know when you might have that great Pyrex find).  Sure enough, this pink lady was sitting on the shelf waiting for me.  She doesn't have a lid - but when I visit the store again, I will check to see if it has surfaced somewhere.

Pretty & utilitarian.

I already used her this weekend at my booth.  I think her permanent home will be on display in my studio storing scraps of fabric.

Happy President's Day! Did you find any great pyrex deals this weekend?


  1. Love it I am really looking for that color pink

    I posted a green divided dish I found this week end but not salavation army price.

    your fabric looks good in it


  2. Love that dish! I have not had any luck finding pink pyrex!

  3. She's a beauty! I've yet to come across any pink pieces either :/

  4. Love the pink bowl! In fact, I scored one just like it this past weekend!! I had a great Pyrex weekend.....hope to post the pictures soon.