Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sometimes A Lady Just Needs

a relaxing evening in her pjs, 
with a glass of champagne, and some...

Yes indeed. Whenever I go to paint my nails,
a super relaxing activity, I reach for my Pyrex.

I currently have two bowls full, of adorable Opi and Essie polishes to choose from.
And these Pyrex bowls make the perfect storage.
So cute in fact that I can leave my polishes out on my book shelf.
This way they are always within my reach, and make the perfect decorative touch as well.

Here's to all of our happy little finds.
AND finding the cutest ways to use them too!

XOXO, Jessica from Crafting Happiness


  1. Thanks for sharing that super cute way to use Pyrex!

    Is that really champagne?

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed Vonlipi!
    And yes, it is indeed :)

  3. wonderful post!
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  4. Nice use of I hadn't thought of!

  5. brilliant idea! i'm an avid nail polish collector as well, and i see you keep your essies and your OPI's in seperate containers ;) so cute! i think i'll steal your idea :)

  6. I have the polish, and I have the Pyrex, heck, I even have cute jammies! Now if only I had the guts and the looks to do a blog post like this. You are fabulous!

  7. Thank you all SO much for your sweet comments!
    I am just so happy to finally have people to share my love for Pyrex with :)

  8. Hmmm, crazy coincidence I picked up a double of that butterfly gold cassie today and just happen to need some storage for my nail polish collection?? Thanks for the fun post and great idea.