Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Have to share-

While I was cooking dinner last night, hubs walks in and says 'I like your Pyrex, you seem to cook more'.

Does this mean he wont turn his nose up next time I come home with a new piece? ;)


  1. OH I thought you were going to say he brought you home a new pyrex bowl

    Paula Deen uses vintage pyrex sometimes now


  2. No, he got me the friendship on Saturday. :)

    Paula uses lots of different Pyrex, she doesnt stick to just 1 pattern or color.

  3. I don't think he'll turn his nose up next time you buy a piece of Pyrex. How can he? He's already bought you a piece, sooooo that must mean he's ok with it....right??? :) My hubby always says..."you're running out of room to put it." I say, "that's ok, we'll just build on to the house!!" LOL...LOL

  4. I need to find this kind of husband that you all speak of. LOL!