Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shopping for Pyrex is Fun!!

Isn't this a nice display of Pyrex - well, it's not mine but it was in one of the four antique markets that I browsed through on the weekend, we went to visit our daughter and that visit also consists of making the rounds  - hunting for Pyrex - we had a fun day, lots of Pyrex to look at, lots of pieces to dream about and wish we had - and there were discounts to be had - our lucky day!!
Isn't this square pan a cheery bright yellow?  Love it - I made nut smacks!

1 1/2 quart Snowflake - a great size for 2 people...

This scale was one of my purchases too - the 750 ml. Shenandoah looks right perky sitting up there!

I love this mod pattern!  It's JAJ - Pyrex from England - and it was only $4.00...

And, another piece of English Pyrex - only $3.75

My luck held out after I got home - I had donations for Value Village - of course, you have to check out the goodies at the same time - $1.99 for this great carafe - did you know the VV price tag shows the date they put the item on the shelf - this was sitting there since last week - glad nobody picked it up!

I picked up two fridgies - I think one will make a great little holder for my phone!  Butterprint was also $1.99 at VV - I bought one there before for 99 cents so they have increased their price.  The brown one I found at a St. Vincent de Paul Thrift shop - 99 cents. 


  1. Oh so many pieces of Pyrex to look at and you found some really great buys! I love some of those JAJ patterns. Prices on all Pyrex seem to be going up, up, up!!

  2. I have to see where the nearest VV is and see how I can get a road trip planned that way...LOL j/k I read and read how VV is a good place to find pyrex and we do not have one in Dallas. Boooo. Keep the goodies coming so I can live vicariously thru you.


  3. I'm sure I'm not the only one who started going "Ooooh oooooh" as soon as I saw that first photo!

  4. Nice finds!! I especially like the snowflake pieces! Wish we had Value Village down here in the South!

  5. I have a Kitchen Queen scale too! Not the same model.

    Great finds! :)