Friday, February 25, 2011

Pyrex on Craig's List

I never, ever find Pyrex on my local Craig's List. It's depressing so I hadn't searched on there for a while. Until the other day and to my surprise there was a listing for lots of pretty Pyrex!!! I was in shock and felt the need to buy it all since I never find any on there. :)

Here is what I bought:

-A large blue snowflake casserole-

-A Blue Dot mixing bowl (I need to find the others in this set because it is now of one my favorite patterns!)-

-Verde Divided Dish-

-A set of Autumn Harvest mixing bowls-

The best part is, I have become email friends with the girl who sold them to me and she is a fellow pyrex maniac! It's really nice to have a friend in your area who knows where the best places are to look for Pyrex! My family just doesn't understand my addiction. Ha!

Happy Pyrex hunting this weekend!

--Erin {}


  1. Great finds! I haven't had any Craigslist luck yet either.

  2. I heart the dot bowls too! Funny story - at one time I had the complete set. Unfortunately, I broke one several years ago :( I thought I had broken the orange dot bowl. Last week I was in the Goodwill and scored the orange dot bowl for $1.60 (it was marked $2.00 but everything was 20% off!). Of course I snatched that baby up, came home and posted pictures of my purchases here. Later, when I went to put my new finds in my cabinet, I realized I already had the orange dot bowl!! It was the yellow dot bowl that I had broken!! Guess that is a sign that I have too much pyrex (never - there is no such thing as too much pyrex!!)

  3. The Autumn Harvest set is beautiful. Great picture, Erin!

  4. Fantastic finds. I am drooling over that blue dot bowl, would LOVE to find that pattern too.

  5. Your pictures are so nice and bright!

  6. I never ever find Pyrex on Craigslist here! I check quite often, but nothing! You really found some good stuff! I especially like the blue dots! I just bought my first Dots (yellow) last weekend, and of course I want to eventually find them all for a set. Your pictures are amazing!! I need photo lessons, LOL!

  7. I was wondering when you were going to post these :) Cant wait to hit the yard/estate sales!

  8. Thank you all! I got a digital SLR camera for Christmas and have been playing with it by taking pictures of my favorite thing - PYREX!

    Karen, I love that you bought an orange dot bowl and then found out you already had that one...I agree, you can never have too much! Our Goodwills here never Pyrex either...I think they put all of the good stuff on their online auction site. :(

    Nia, I still can't believe you got rid of them! :) Definitely excited about estate/yard sales!!

  9. LOL. It was worth the trade off that my husband get rid of some of his god-awful toys!