Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hey everyone!

I’m new to the Pyrex Collective, I’ve been reading through the posts, and I’m so glad to have found people who share my pyrexia and love of Pyrex! My name is Terra and I’m in my second year of University. Hunting for Pyrex has to fit in around school and work and so I often end up at Thrift stores as they’ll just about to close, and unfortunately I find it hard to get to those stores only open till 5. Recently I haven’t been having the best luck finding it, but hopefully I score some new finds soon enough.

My love of Pyrex is a fairly new addiction. It started the week before Halloween 2010. Me and my mom were in Value Village looking for bits and pieces for our Halloween costumes and I always like to check all sections of VV so I headed up to house wares where I found this lovely set of bowls. Bright coloured, sturdy bowls $9.99 for the four of them. I picked them up and met up with my mom. She was not enthused about the bowls, she looked at them and said “You could go to Canadian Tire and pick up a set just like them new, for more or less the same price!”. Then she asked what brand they were and when I said they were Pyrex she said they were a good brand. Not that it mattered I was already sold on the beautiful colours alone!

I went home and researched Pyrex and the bowl numbers. I had scored the Primary Mixing Bowls. All but the blue are the older ones from the 40’s.

My next find was two Butterfly Gold 2 Casserole Dishes for $3.99 and $4.99, I snatched them up. The more I found out online all the pretty colours and patterns. The more addicted I became. I was so happy to find this blog.

My last find was a set of four clear bottomed green bowls, for $5.99, I’ve seen some sets of these but they seem to come in sets of red, green and blue together or blues in varying shades. These are all the same solid green, I was wondering if anyone new anymore about them? Thanks!

That’s my collection so far! I’m to be a part of such an amazing blog, and I hope everyone has a nice Pyrex-filled Valentine’s Day. Nice to meet you all!

P.S. Where I live there is nothing anything like the antique malls some of you have posted about. They blow my mind! There is nothing like them in my entire province, I hope to rummage through one, one of these days!


  1. Hi Terra! Welcome!!! You've assembled quite a Pyrex collection during your short time of addiction! I only have half of the primary colors set...Great score!!!

  2. OMG! A full primary colours set, all at once, and for only 10$!?!?! I want to say 'not fair' but I'll settle for 'you lucky dog you'!

    What fair province are you in? I'm in BC (but I seem to get around Canada a fair bit).


  3. Terra

    You scored on your 4 nesting bowls they are $75.oo around here if you find them.

    We need more resale shops no good resale shops.

    Keep posting your finds


  4. PS

    I have someone in my family named TERRA

  5. Beautiful! I have yet to find the primary set.

  6. You have an awesome collection! Love the primary set. I'm still yet to come across one :)

  7. i also started off my collecting with the completion of a primary set. congrats and welcome!

  8. Your green bowls are from the 80's it's all I know. Also the paint is more fragile than regular vintage Pyrex bowls.

    Do tell which province you're from!

  9. Wow, an entire Primary Bowl set scored at the same time! It took me a while to piece mine together! I've been finding a lot of the clear bottom bowls lately, and the only thing I know about them is they are from the "Designs" collection, and there are all sorts of color combinations. You've got a very nice collection started!!

  10. Hey everyone! Thanks for the lovely comments. I was really happy about the primary set when I looked them up online and saw the prices. Value Village really didn’t know their value.

    Curtains in My Tree – That’s pretty cool! I’ve only met one other person with the name Terra and she was from Manitoba. I’d love to be able to find a Terra piece to go with my name :P

    I’m from the opposite side of Canada, I’m from Newfoundland!

    Nice to meet you all and thanks for the info about the green bowls.

  11. what an amazing score on the mixing bowls--congrats!