Monday, February 28, 2011

I Decided to Send an Email...

I LOVE vintage Pyrex, and even have several pieces that aren't so vintage and love them too. I love seeing what everyone finds when they post it here, and was thinking how awesome it would be if the folks at World Kitchen LLC (current producers of Pyrex) knew how many people are just as crazy as I am for the bright, colorful vintage Pyrex...and even more awesome...if they decided to create some new kitchenware with a nod toward the vintage that we all love so much.

So, I went to their website and sent them a message...

     "I have been purchasing Pyrex for the past 23 years, since I've been married. Lately, I've been collecting the brightly colored vintage Pyrex. I have met several hundred other collectors online who love the old brightly colored stuff too. While we buy and use the clear and visions Pyrex, our hearts really skip a beat when we use our fun and bright vintage stuff. We would LOVE to see new Pyrex with bright new colors and designs!!! Just like the Fiesta line has reinvented itself, Pyrex could do the same-with probably just as many followers or more than the Homer Laughlin company has with their Fiesta line. Please consider creating a new line of funky brightly colored Pyrex!!!!"

Today I found this reply in my inbox...
     "Thank you for contacting World Kitchen, LLC.
Thank you for your product suggestion!  We have forwarded your idea to our design team for their review.
For further assistance, please contact our Consumer Care Center at 800-999-3436.  Representatives are available from 8am to 6pm, EST, Monday through Thursday, and 8am to 5pm on Friday, and will be more than happy to assist you.

World Kitchen Consumer Care Center"

Maybe if enough people contacted them with the same suggestion...just maybe they'd give it a second thought! 

Click here to visit their website's "Contact Us" page. Let them know what you think!

Wouldn't you LOVE to see some new, brightly colored and FUN Pyrex in the stores??


  1. Oh, that would be fun. Not look-alikes like happened with the jadeite. Something fresh and new with a bit of vintage flair.

  2. Oh my! Wouldn't that be so awesome. Like Mom Walds said something new but vintage inspired would be perfect!

  3. I agree, something NEW...but I do not want repros of say Gooseberry Pink, because then there would be no "thrill of the hunt". I think the originals should be special and not reproduced. There are other things they could do and be vintage - mod. I do not even buy the new plain glass pyrex but maybe if it was pretty, like the vintage stuff, I might.

  4. I totally agree, no reproductions of old patterns. I might would buy some of the "new" stuff if it looked just right, LOL.

  5. what a great idea! would love new patterns to collect! more turquoise and pink please! :)

  6. Great minds think alike. After writing my "To the Good People of Corning" post on the Pyrex Collective, I emailed them the link to this blog and told them about our love of Pyrex. I honestly didn't know if THEY knew. I think they're sitting on a goldmine.

  7. Public interest resurrected the production of Chintzware in Staffordshire so the effect may be similar for Pyrex. I think that there could be a lot of scope for designs inspired by but not copying vintage Pyrex. It would also be great to see it produced domestically i.e. USA and Canada. Companies need to recognize that collectors are the type of discerning consumers that not only care about the esthetics of a product but the quality and place of its manufacture. How exciting that pyrexomaniacs could have so much consumer power!

  8. Great suggestion. I also would like to see some plastic lids that fit the bowls, size 401, 402, etc., and lids to fit the old casserole dishes. I would pay good money for these!

  9. I have thought about this too....I also realized that the only color they have not make milk glass dishes in is purple...I know there is a newer visions purple set but with the milk fun would that be?

  10. I admit a couple times I've thought - WHY does Pyrex not do patterns like this anymore??? BUT, then I think that it wouldn't be as special to me if this was all still available to purchase new at some department store.

    Honestly, I really enjoy the hunt and that the Pyrex I buy is vintage and no longer in production. I agree with the previous comments, if they DO bring back the vintage style, I hope they DON'T reproduce the vintage designs. Something new, please.