Friday, February 18, 2011

Remember the Pyrex Potholder Offer??

Remember the free I Love Pyrex potholder post a couple of weeks ago?  This is what I got in place of it - it arrived today in this huge box - by courier!  The drop down menu wouldn't work for my Canadian address, so I contacted them - the potholders were all gone - too bad for me - but they offered me this 9x13 Bake 'n Store pan - it's a generous substitute but I sure would have loved that potholder!!!


  1. You're so lucky Jill! I filled it in with fudgable information, didn't get anything!

  2. I haven't received my potholder yet....hoping I will soon.

  3. The power of persistence -- congratulations! When my Canadian address wouldn't work, I just gave up.