Saturday, February 19, 2011

Small Wonders

Yesterday, my son and I went to a thrift store that we seldom go to.  Before we got there, he said, "Boy, Mom- I'll bet you'll have a chance to find lots of Pyrex at this one!"  I usually don't find much there, and their whole kitchen section is always a joke- way overpriced and not great stuff.  But after looking only a few minutes, I found these in two different sections!  They are small casseroles, and I collect this pattern, so I was so excited!  He came by, and said- "See, I knew it!"  He was right.  A little more combing through, tucked away behind all the dishes and nestled in other things were these:

My first patterned fridgies!  No lids, but I also have a lot of the Butterfly Gold, so I was excited!  Also happy to have my first Butterprint- I just love it!  Maybe teenagers do know everything- haha!

****I forgot to add that even though this thrift is notoriously high priced for kitchen stuff, I walked out paying $1.99 each for the fridgies!  The smallest Spring casserole was $2.99, and $3.99 for the other- definitely abnormal for them- but I'm not complaining!!! :)


  1. It looks like you're on a roll again! I haven't found much at all recently - most pieces I see are totally worn from too much time in the dishwasher. Congrats on your fun "new" fridgies! -diane

  2. I love everyone of these pieces! I collect the Spring blossom also! Some of my fav's! Fridgies are always awesome finds.

  3. Maybe your son felt the Pyrex karma before you went in, lol...nice finds! And, congrats on your first patterned fridgies!