Tuesday, February 15, 2011

#1 Son & Mom Antique/Thrift Trip

Saturday my son (and secret Pyrex-maniac, lol) called and coaxed me ;) to go with him to a little town just up the road from Tallahassee. This little town is known for it's antiques and they were having sidewalk sales. I sure am glad I let him coax me into going because look at all the great Pyrex we/I found. Son found these and bought them for me. I told him I didn't need two, but he insisted and the price was really good.

I think my most favorite find of the day was this coffee carafe with the Town & Country pattern.

Son found and bought this cute little mini carafe for me. I did a little research and found that this is a tea carafe. I found pictures of the little coffee carafe that supposedly was sold with it back in the early 60's. They were for individual servings.

Next up is a Butterprint dish that I just had to have. It was marked $12.00 and son talked the lady down to $8.00.

Then, I found these...

We really had a fun time!! He bought me some Pyrex, and I bought him a few old bottles. Hubby is going to be out of town this upcoming weekend, so my son and I are going to head over to Alabama and do some antiquing and thrifting. Hopefully, we'll find lots of Pyrex goodies to share!! :)


  1. Oh, that's a really good haul! I love the Town & Country carafe too.

  2. What great finds! The butterprint dish you found was one of the first dishes I purchased that got me stuck on this whole Pyrex obsession!

  3. The twin bowls along with the orange and pink are swoone worthy know doubt!

  4. Mom and son Pyrex-maniacs! How cool!!! :)

  5. Wow -- what a great son! You have so much Pyrex! Do you use it all, or do you have a wonderful display?

  6. Love the little tea carafe! Very cool.

  7. How fun and you found some great Pyrex! Where did you go to shop?? I use to live not far from Tallahassee! hugs, Linda

  8. Laurie--yeah, I've amassed quite a lot of Pyrex in the last year or so! I use some of it, and some of it is displayed, but not wonderfully, lol. I am trying to figure out a better and prettier way to display it.

    Linda: We went to a little town called Havana...ever heard of it? Where did you live?

  9. I love them all and I have passed up so many of those pyrex carafe pots didn't realized they were being collected.

    My favorite is the pink covered casserole dish I am trying to get a set of those. Not sure what the name is gooseberry something?

    I love all pyrex Now