Thursday, February 17, 2011

Using a Divided Casserole for Separate Dietary Needs

I am a rather new victim of Pyrexia.  I have been following this blog for awhile, yet this is my very first post.  I try to stick to my patterns, gooseberry pink, any pink or solid white, really... but we will see how long that lasts, huh?

Anyway, I wanted to post how using a divided casserole dish has made preparing dinners a lot easier.  My husband, David, and I are on two different eating plans.  I follow a low carb way of eating while he does more of a weight watchers plan.  This has made planning dinner quiet a chore. 

With the divided casserole dishes, I can, at least serve dinner in style.  I just put his meal on one side and mine, without the rice, pasta, potatoes, or other carbs, in the other side.  If you would like to read more about these particular dishes, please visit my blog, Ramblings from a Girlie Girl Housewife.

the lid does not go with this...but it works, ok, for now.

I bought the white mixing bowl, along with a larger one, at an estate sale for 4 dollars.  I believe it used to be a color but all came off with poor care.  I liked it white, it matches me pieces better, so I bought it and the larger one.  The larger one had a few spots of color on it and there were a few bowls in different sizes that were completly colored, that is what brings me to the conclution these used to be a color, as well.  I think they are part of the primary color mixing bowl set, after digging around a bit.  Now I wish I picked the other bowls up, as well.

I bought the casserole from an antique mall for 4 dollars, too, I think.  I know it was very inexpensive.  The lid came from a thrift store, I thought it would fit.  How do you go about finding the lids that fit?  Are they numbered the same as the bowls?  I see lids all the time at thrift stores but hate to make mistakes about fit.

I really enjoy this blog and am excited about part 2, as well.



  1. It looks like it's the white "opal" divided dish. It didn't come with a cover and is a slightly different size than most of the divided dishes. The cover you have will fit all of the other divided dishes except a pale blue one that is like your white one.


  2. My comment is more about the low carb diet. They are not healthy! Any diet that tells you too restrict certain fruits or vegetables because they have too much sugar, but lets you eat cheese and red meat is insane, and really unhealthy.

  3. Low carb is actually very good for you. You are allowed the fruits and high glycemic veggies later on. The purpose of the strictness in the initial stages is for people who are insulin resistant to cut the cravings. Unless you are insulin resistant you wouldn't know what that feels like. If your blood sugar can't regulate, it's worthless. Those foods are slowly added back in when your blood sugar reacts properly. It's like telling a crack addict to have their crack in moderation. Have you read any of the books?

    Anyways, about the lids...this is a great page.

  4. Thanks Farra and LauraC for the comments about the lids. The point of my post was about using a divided Pyrex dish, not the way I eat. THAT was MENTIONED, that is all. I was not asking for advice or telling others to go out and eat that way.

  5. I'm not sure but I think the Bluebell divided dish did come with a lid...It's just the same as the Opal one you have only delphite blue. It might be hard to come by....

    My best advice is go to the Pyrex Love web site, check out the lids and after it's trial and error....
    Great use of the dish by the way! I just came off a low carb, low fat diet and now I'm on the GI diet and I get to eat plenty and still loose weight...weird :)

  6. That is a great use for the divided dish. I was just thinking I could use mine when I cook for my granddaughter. She's a lot pickier about some of her food than we are, and using the divided dish, I could prepare ours the way we like it, and hers the way she likes it, and not have to use separate dishes!!