Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pyrex Finds

It looks like everyone had a lovely Pyrex-filled weekend!

I didn’t find any Pyrex this weekend however last week I picked up a 2.5 L #325 Cranberry bowl. Which isn’t that old or unique, on the corellecorner.com website it was introduced in 1993, however it was at the Thrift Store the last few times I went there, and for $1.99 I had to take it home, I couldn’t leave it there.

Yesterday I found a green 2.5 Qt from the primary set, I have a complete set, but if I ever manage to break one I’ll have an extra. It was only $2.99, I’m sure it’ll get its use. I haven’t mastered leaving Pyrex behind just yet.

My other find from yesterday which I hope is ok to post here. Is this:

I saw the nice blue flowers on the bowl and thought it was cute. I thought it might be Fire-king, which I’ve read about and seen online but not in person, but the logo is different. I’m new to collecting glassware and I was wondering if anyone else had any ideas about what kind of glassware it is.

(Don't worry the bottom isn't like that, I smeared some lipstick over the stamp so it would show up in pictures)

Happy thrifting!


  1. The big F in a crest is for Federal Glass.

    I love that cute bowl :)

  2. The shield and F logo is Federal Glass. Cute bowl!

  3. Yep, Federal Glass. I just found a Federal Glass mug Sunday.

  4. Love that little Federal bowl!! It's cute!! It's very hard for me to leave Pyrex behind too, but I'm slowly getting better at it. Nice finds!!

  5. I love Federal Bowls better than Pyrex!

    I've got that bowl in red & just found it in a very faded brown.

  6. Love that Federal bowl! Cute blue flowers.