Monday, February 7, 2011

pleased to meet you

Hello there pymaniacs, I am honoured to take up my place as a new contributor and look forward to sharing my musings about the glassware I love with like minded folk.

I live in Oxfordshire, England where you can't venture very far without stumbling upon a well-stocked charity shop, brimming with goodies to be discovered. Since I was a teenager I've been picking up various little bits of mid century miscellany, but I'm fairly new to Pyrex, having picked up my very first baking dish last summer.

As you can see, my collection is very much in its infancy, but it is fair to say I have fallen well and truly head over heels in love with vintage Pyrex and there's no going back. I recently wrote about all the many reasons why adore it over on my own blog and I would love to hear all you reasons for loving it too.

My current favourite piece is this little gravy boat, which I bought recently for only
 £1 ($1.61) - score!

and my latest addition is this egg shell blue butter dish, also a steal at
£1.50 ($2.42)

I can be quite fussy about the pieces I buy- I disregard anything adorned with fruit or chintzy little flowers (I'm all for granny chic, but there's definitely a limit).

Thank you again for having me- I'm now off to read some more about your super finds and to envy those of you with anything pink!

Mother Of Purl xx


  1. Those are all so neat. The butter dish is awesome!

  2. Nice to meet you!! You have some very unique Pyrex pieces. I look forward to seeing more.

  3. I LOVE the butter dish!!! Thanks for sharing-I've never seen one like that before!

  4. Everyone loves the butter dish - so different from anything on this side of the pond! I want one....

  5. I love your choices of patterns, they are the perfect amount of mod for my taste and the colors are gorgeous!

  6. Welcome and thank you for sharing your awesome Pyrex with us. Love those patterns!!

  7. Welcome!

    Major gravy boat envy here!! Hopefully you can provide us with more clues about English Pyrex pattern names. I have come across a few of them here in Ontario and I attribute them to young British h brides moving here in the fifties and sixties.

  8. Whoops! I was just thinking "maybe this person will be able to help with names of patterns of the English pieces I've found" when I read your last paragraph -- mine all have the dainty little English flowers I love so much! Oh well, different generation, different taste.

  9. I browsed thru the UK Ebay site today for Pyrex - there's a lot of different items from what we see here in Canada and the US. Very interesting....

  10. Thanks everyone- to be honest I haven't got a clue about the names of most of the patterns. The grey and blue pattern on the milk jug and sugar bowl you can see poking up is 'Chelsea' and I also have two steak plates in that pattern, and obviously the larger gravy boat is a snowflake pattern, but I have no idea about the other ones, so if anyone was able to help me out, I'd be grateful!


  11. them all! I collect a mixture of patterns...I like a little of everything! My new hunt is for the perfect butter dish!