Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fab New Teapot

This is our new fave teapot! I first saw one last summer when I bought one for my Dad. It is stamped Pyrex ware for Teamakers Inc. And it comes with a stainless steel basket. My Dad loves it! He loves it so much he wanted to bring it on vacation in Maine, but finally decided against it because of the breakage factor. I love its shape, it's sooooo cool!
                                                     Bad pic of the interior :)

Well in December Dan gave me a mission....find another one but this time for us. We were sick of those infusers that rust. I found ours on Ebay for a reasonnable price (the shipping was good too). We now use it every day for our after dinner tea.

Last night I made a celery root and carrot remoulade salad. I choose the Spring Blossom Green to enhance the colors of the salad. It looks beautiful! And was delicious too.

Have a great weekend!

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Good Luck


  1. Love your tea pot! As a tea lover, I will have to keep my eye out for something like it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cool teapot!! And, I love your Spring Daisy casserole. I want one in that size and shape.

  3. Your posts always leave me wanting to come over for dinner and to play with your cats.

  4. CAn that teapot be put on an electric burner on a stove top?