Monday, February 28, 2011

My Second Fridgie and A Lot More!

Finding my first fridgie was thrilling, but it was just as exciting to find my second one. This time it’s a 1-1/2 cup Butterprint, turquoise on white with the lid….I’m so happy!!! The $2.50 price was easy on the pocketbook, too.

Finding the fridgie would have been enough excitement for one day, but there was more Pyrex to discover. I also found...........

         (2) 1-1/2 pint Cinderella bowls           
Top: Sandalwood   
Bottom: Butterfly Gold

(2) Casseroles with lids
Top: 1-quart Horizon
Bottom: 1-pint matching blue
I’m wondering if these were sold together.


Top: Snowflake divided casserole (no lid)
Bottom: Friendship lid only

WOW!  Now I know how you guys feel when you find several pieces of Pyrex at one time!!!  
It’s a blast and …… I wanna do it again!!!

I have one question about the Friendship lid.....
What is it for?.....a divided casserole, a regular oval casserole, or something else?
Any information would be appreciated!


  1. Wow Sherry!! Fabulous finds! I'm a tad bit jealous because my Pyrex finds from the past week aren't nearly as beautiful as yours!! My Friendship divided dish has a lid just like the one you found, so I'm pretty sure that it goes with the divided dish.

  2. What a wonderful trip! You did great with all the beautiful pieces you picked up- congrats!!!

  3. Thanks for the "Congrats"....It must be beginner's luck!!! SharonLou, thanks for the info on your Friendship divided I know what to look for!!!

  4. I love the fridgie! The Cinderella bowls are my favs to use in the kitchen and the small ones are the best. You found so much Pyrex this! I haven't found anything in awhile. I'm due for a Pyrex and thrift fix for sure. hugs, Linda

  5. If your lid is marked 945-C, it fits both the divided server and the 2.5 Qt casserole.

  6. Thanks, Betty....We have a winner! The lid IS marked 945C. Now I have more options!!! Thanks to all of you for your expertise!!!

  7. Fantastic finds, I love that snowflake dish and that little butterprint fridgie (what a great price too!).