Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some new lovelies from the GW

One day last week I was rushing around doing errands on my lunch hour from work and made a quick run into the Goodwill near my office and to my surprise found these lovelies:

Small orange dot bowl

Price was $2

Small butterprint bowl

Price was $2
Snowflake divided dish (no lid)
Price was $4
As it turns out, everything was on sale, 20% off, so I actually only paid $6.20 for all three pieces.  SCORE! 

Happy Wednesday!  Hope you all score big too!



  1. Where do you live that there is a goodwill with that many pyrex bowls??????????????

    I want a great GOODWILL store in my life!!!!!!!


  2. Wow that was such great finds! Wonderful prices also!!

  3. Wonderful finds!! I found a yellow New Dots bowl this past weekend, but I paid more than $2 for it!! Amazing that you found all that at a GW!!

  4. That's fantastic for just a run in! Lucky duck!

    Dots is my fav!