Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Rest of the Pyrex Haul...

Hullo again folks, SixBalloons here following up on my previous post.

The other pyrex I scored at the thrift was this beautiful twin server set. My first set complete with cradle that I have ever seen out in the wild!!

Find out what I paid, and check out some more pics over at http://sixballoons.blogspot.com!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Load of Pyrex at the Thrift

Hey PC1, it's SixBalloons here! I stopped in at my local thrift recently and realized that someone must have dropped off a big load of pyrex!

I scooped up a daisy casserole but also saw a Butterprint mixing bowl (badly dishwashered) and a perfect golden compass snack server. I am pained to think of what else I missed out on. I bet there was some good condition butterprint that walked out the door without me!

I also bought another lil something that I will share with you later in the week! Stop by sometime to say hello at http://sixballoons.blogspot.com!