Saturday, February 16, 2013

Load of Pyrex at the Thrift

Hey PC1, it's SixBalloons here! I stopped in at my local thrift recently and realized that someone must have dropped off a big load of pyrex!

I scooped up a daisy casserole but also saw a Butterprint mixing bowl (badly dishwashered) and a perfect golden compass snack server. I am pained to think of what else I missed out on. I bet there was some good condition butterprint that walked out the door without me!

I also bought another lil something that I will share with you later in the week! Stop by sometime to say hello at!


  1. Cheery and sunny - makes me think of Spring!!

  2. I found a Compass Snack Server as well - complete with handle. Was so excited!

  3. This is on my wish list - hopefully I'll come across one soon. It's just so cheery!

  4. I have found so much Pyrex at goodwill's but you have to be consistant in your search. Find out when they put out housewares and go one hour after that. I have found the vintage sunflower sets, baloons, and the snowflake in all size of bowls, cassaroles with lids and mixing bowls! These days the younger generations do not care about it so when their Parents die they give it all away. Its amazing what you find at thrift

  5. I see some sometimes, but I limit myself to my buys. I do have this piece but I think it's longer. I just love it. Happy Spring with love Janice