Sunday, January 30, 2011

Firsts for me......

Yesterday was a beautiful gorgeous day here in North Florida!! Highs in the 70's, and a cloudless blue sky. So, I persuaded my daughter to go out thrifting with me, and looky what we found. My first Snowflake!!! I almost started giggling when I saw it!! :)

My first piece of Old Orchard (which is not one of my fav patterns) but for the price ($2.00), I couldn't resist!

My first Oil and Vinegar set, which are in great condition except for the missing stoppers.

This next one isn't a first, since I just scored some clear bottom bowls a few weeks ago, but it's a different color....kind of a peach color.

Nothing like a beautiful warm day and some great Pyrex scores to make the upcoming week bearable!!! :)


  1. Since I have found your blog .

    I have a new obession called pyrex.

    I was sitting in church thinking( I do drift away sometimes) I seen some pyrex at a anitgue junk store like place and soon as service was over I heaed 7 miles out of town to this place

    OMG I splurged came home with $135, worth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love your collection. There is only 2 thrift stores here and never have I seen pyrex in either.

    I don't even know the name yet I know about the pink cinderella and then I got a complete set of refigerator dishes like 5 pieces with rosters on it
    I will do a post on my new finds


  2. I do love the black snowflake! I would have been giddy, too! I have one divided dish in that pattern, and am always looking for more. Congrats!

  3. Awesome pieces! The oil and vinegar set looks great.

  4. Love the black and white snowflake! SCORE!!

  5. So in love with the charcoal snowflake pattern! Hoping to thrift one of my own someday!