Monday, January 31, 2011

New Butterfly Gold

This weekend I went back to the thrifts to see what I could see.  I went into the first store, and it was looking like I cleaned them out with the last haul I posted.  But then I went into the second store, and there, on the shelf, these were waiting for me:

My first Butterfly Gold small casseroles, and my first white one as well.  They also had 2 white Colonial nesting mixing bowls for $7 for the two.  It was a great price, but I used control, as I am quickly running out of room, and need to only have pieces that I absolutely love, not just liked a lot. :)  The bottom white one with the lid was $4.99, and the smaller one was $3.99.  Just have to say that I'm loving the Collective, and am learning so much from everyone- new patterns and pieces I've never seen.  I've also read some really cool new blogs.  Speaking of learning from everyone....last post I mentioned a Vera scarf (and erroneously called it Wang), and a few wonderful people who knew textiles (or at least, Vera textiles) were able to correct me and send me in the right direction.  I have another textile question...if you know a bit about designers, I'd love you to visit me here and tell me what you think!  Thanks to all you wonderful Pyrex people- it's great to be a part of this. :)

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  1. Nice score, and I love the Butterfly Gold pattern!! I know what you mean about running out of room. I am trying to think of new ways to display mine.