Saturday, January 8, 2011

MY turn!

i always get so jealous (in the nicest way possible of course) when i see you all finding pyrex for free. i don't spend a fortune on mine, but i'm always impressed when i "get a deal" for $5 a piece.

well it is finally my turn to get a major bargain....
these four beauties only cost me $5 total! and the best part...?

this matching mug and small plate only cost $1.50!

i feel like i finally belong to an elite club or something. haha


  1. so now I'm jealous, but in a nice way. Great pieces and an awesome deal - congrats! -diane

  2. don't you just love that big casserole! mine smiles at me lovingly everytime i walk by it! lol my mother thinks i am nuts - especially when i told her the other day that my snowflake garland casserole that my sister stole the other day needed to come home to it's momma!!

  3. Big congratulations! Super finds!

  4. Great scores! Congrats and enjoy using these beauties!

  5. Now you're one of us (insert sinister laugh).

  6. Very cool! Those are some nice pieces and you can't beat the price!