Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Colors, Happy Dance, a Lid Question!

Look what turned up at Goodwill this weekend and came home with me!

I'd say it's pink, but is there an official name for the color?  Against what I thought was a pink piece of fabric, it looks a little more orange-pink.  Anyway, I've wanted this particular color 2-quart round casserole for awhile.  I even bought what I thought was the lid for it months ago, because I thought sure as anything that when I eventually found the casserole, it probably wouldn't have a lid.  I was right about finding it lidless, but I think I may have been wrong about the type of lid.  This lid is marked 684-C A-1.

It fits, and it matches the style of the 8-oz mini casserole with lid, but after seeing a page today on Erin's blog from the Pyrex book she got for her birthday, I think there may have been a different lid that came with the casserole.

Like this one, maybe?  This was a random Pyrex lid my mom had.  There's a number on the rim, 624C B-33.

And I don't think I ever posted about last month's find, a yellow Daisy divided casserole.

Both of these pieces make me think warm and happy thoughts in the middle of this frosty winter.  Who's ready for a January thaw?


  1. i also have the pink casserole and when my mom brought it to me it had a lid on it that i thought just belonged to newer, run of the mill pyrex. so i stuck the lid in a drawer. when i got my pyrex book in the mail monday, i was shocked that it seemed to be the right lid, so out of the drawer and back on the casserole. it isn't a pretty lid at all, and it isn't marked with anything. but according to the pic in the book, it is the right lid.

  2. I think the color is called Flamingo. It's a funny Pink for sure. I think I need to get a books as I have trouble finding out what lid goes with what.

  3. I love the Daisy- it's so cheery! And whatever the shade of pink, it's a nice pop of color- great finds. :)

  4. The 8 oz mini casserole is absolutely adorable! I should bring my daisy divided dish out of the cupboard to help me remember that winter doesn't last forever!! Ready for a thaw indeed!

  5. I received two lidless casseroles (lime green & yellow) from my son at Christmas (http://pyrexcollective.blogspot.com/2011/01/my-christmas-pyrex.html). If you find out the type of lid that goes with them, let me know just in case I come across one in my thrifting adventures. Anyway, I love the color of yours and it's great you found some Pyrex!! I have a Daisy divided dish and it's one of my favs.