Monday, January 10, 2011

little bits & pieces!

So I thought I would go ahead and post about the random pieces that I have acquired in my Pyrex collecting. I love each little item that joins my growing collection. I already have had to take new pics cause I changed shelves and the new shelf really shows off the beauty of the Pyrex.
This is in my "sewing cabinet" - I have little vintage sewing things and my homespun fabric and some old quilts in this cabinet. I made the doll "Sew Susie" and she is tucked away with some of my snowman things and some other cute goodies. The cabinet also stores more than this little bit, but I will reveal more later. Did you find the fridgie? The color is a burnt orange and I guess it may have been part of an autumn harvest collection. It is unlike any other color I have seen so far. I tucked it in there and put some antique scissors and tidbits in it to make it feel at home. I love how it just hides in there like it has always been there. (fridgie from my mom!)

These pieces are on top of an antique dresser in my living room. My mom refurbed and refinished the dresser and it is beautiful and the pyrex looks so pretty on it. My mom and I also made the Saltbox House framed picture behind the pyrex. We ripped homespun fabric and pinned it to the muslin and I stitched it and dipped it in coffee and vanilla and then baked it in the oven. Back to the pyrex - the three spring blossom pieces my mom brought me - I have no idea what she paid, but they are so pretty and in fabulous shape. The "flower squares" casserole looks like it has never been used (also from my mom) but I do know how much she paid for it!! It was $5.00 with 15% off - great deal!!! I actually bought the piece in the front. My husband and I went to our local flea market the day after Christmas and I almost walked right by it! The booth wasn't even technically open when i spotted it - it was sitting between two solid white divided casseroles and they had $2.50 each on them, but this piece wasn't priced. When the feller finally showed up and I asked how much, I nearly fell over. $2.00!!! It is a 1959 christmas promo, divided casserole, (no lid) and best I can tell, doesn't even have an official name. I did see a white/yellow piece somewhere called "constellation". And the best part of the whole story - I found another one today - for $2.00!!! I may be willing to swap the second one with somebody for another cool divided casserole if anybody is interested?This is the piece I "hijacked" from my mom's house while they were in amish country a while back. I put it in my hutch with my blue willow dishes. I was afraid that one of the cats would knock it off somewhere else, so it is behind closed doors. My mom did tell me to keep it even though I offered it back to her - I brought it home for research purposes!

This butterfly bowl is real pretty - and looks really old. You know, the way you can tell that some pieces have been around forever. It is a real deep, sunny yellow. I haven't personally seen any other pieces this yellow before. (also from my mom)
Here are my straggler pieces. I am actually using them now to sort puzzle pieces. The top piece came from the same flea market guy for $1.00. It is a companion piece to the red piece that came from my mom's and I am 100% sure that it was yellow at one time. It has a tiny bit of yellow on it here and there, so I would say that it led a rough life. The second piece is one of the few pieces that I bought myself. I found it at our local goodwill for $1.00. It is solid white, but in great shape, so I brought it home with me. The pink piece I actually have three of now (all from my mom) - this piece and one of the others is really speckled looking. The third piece is "flamingo pink" and it doesn't have any of the speckling at all. Is this damage to the other two, or is it just a funky pyrex color. It is a very consistent speckling, with no white showing at all.

So there is my very long pyrex post for today - I love seeing everyone's beautiful collections and reading about your great deals!! I also look forward to any additonal information or feedback about my pieces!!


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  2. The red piece with the lid is killing me. Just a little visual va-va-voom!

  3. it is in great shape too - my mom had it on her shelf in her dining room forever. i was surprised that she told me to keep it.

  4. I wish I had an extra divided dish to trade you. I even passed one up at Goodwill earlier today (Americana).

  5. i don't guess it would have to be a divided dish if it is something equal to the promo piece. i have to say that i would pass on the americana one - i have some of those pieces, but they are at the bottom of my wish list. if you think of something or find something you think i may like, let me know!

  6. I spotted the fridgie right away...Nice bit of re-purposing!!!

  7. I have a bunch of Spring Blossom, some Square Flowers, and two of the exact same promotional divided dish. I laughed when I saw the picture of the top of your dresser. It looks just like a shelf in my kitchen!