Wednesday, January 5, 2011

a very pyrex christmas

My mother knows me all too well:

Three Cinderella bowls and six Fireking mugs. I'd actually never seen that pattern before (and it wasn't in the big book, which I also got for Christmas), but someone on PyrexLove identified it very quickly as Shenandoah. Thanks, internets!

A trip to post-industrial northern Ohio means awesome thrifting.

[heaven sounds]

I didn't actually find any Pyrex at that Salvation Army, but I did make some huge scores later that evening:

Everything in this random shop was 30% off, so I ended up getting these four casseroles and two lids for about 10 bucks. Not shabby at all!

Oh, and sidenote? Only in post-industrial Ohio will your Pyrex purchases be wrapped in 20-year-old newspaper. Gee, I wonder if the USSR will survive?

(this guy knows what i'm talking about)

With this Pyrex binge, I'm finding myself in the position where I'm running out of room for my finds. (There should be a version of Hoarders that's just for Pyrex addicts, don't you think?) So I'm going to start putting stuff up for trade or post things on Etsy or something. But how can you ever decide which pieces to part with? I guess I've got to prioritize and figure out which patterns or styles I want to focus on. How do you all do it?
— grace


  1. It is so hard to decide. Maybe we can have a for trade on this blog? I have pieces I'm ready to let go of and find others that I want. You really scored on the casseroles.

  2. Great post! Such dreamy patterns! Two thumbs up indeed :)

  3. Yeah, really nice scores!!

  4. The Beacon Journal, eh? I used to live in Holmes County! Now I'm in Stark. I don't post here, just peruse. However, when I decide I have the time, I'll join in! I'm very interested to know what this "Random Shop" is?

  5. See? Pyrex collecting is good for your brain. You revisit world history and learn about the Cold War or whatever it was back then.